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Wedding Solutions

Our main goal at 'i love lamP Lighting' is to create unique affordable lighting for your wedding using recycled and reusable materials.


Imagine walking into the room in which you will be saying your vows. The walls are lined with an array of colored lights of your choosing giving off a warm subtle glow as if the room were filled with 1000 candles, setting the mood for your special day. Over your alter hangs a chandelier of tapered glass lights cascading a glow down over you both, like a soft halo. This installation will be like nothing you can find anywhere else. All of our pieces are unique and environmentally friendly and will provide your wedding with an appropriate ambiance to enhance the most important and wonderful day of your life.


We will begin with a free consultation, followed by an on site evaluation, which may include detailed concept drawings. The following describes what 'i love lamP Lighting' will deliver to you, our packages, and pricing details. We are excited to work with you to make your special day as beautiful as you could possibly imagine.


The main services 'i love lamP Lighting' will offer are one-of-a-kind lighting, professional installations, and an overall enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. Below are examples of what we can bring to the table. We are here to work with you and are more than willing to do customized pieces to ensure you have the best possible experience. Just ask!


  • Free consultation. A way to get to know each other and make the right decisions to light your day.

  • Communicated coordination with the Event/Wedding Planner to create the perfect display and the most flattering light for you.

  • Professional installation. Day of / night before set up and end of the night break down.

  • A carefully selected group of pre-existing handmade lighting to be used to enhance the beauty and chemistry in the room without sacrificing taste, color, or skin tone.

  • We also have the ability to create customized pieces designed specifically for you. This would give a more personal feel to the ceremony/experience and a wonderful keepsake to take with you and have in your home.


Many variables go into determining the exact pricing for an event. Lighting costs vary depending on the market, length of event, date of event, travel distance, venue, types of lighting fixtures, seasonal & citywide demand, planning, theme, engineering, etc.


We work with you to come up with customized lighting options for your wedding that will truly set it apart and make it unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact. We have worked at many of the best venues in the Chicago land area and can offer our personal insight as to what the best lighting options will be for each venue.


Pricing is based off the following wedding details:


- Saturday wedding, non-holiday

- Hotel ballroom (fairly modern)

- Wedding size of ~150 guests

- 15-20 tables

- Standard 4 hour load-in, 2 hour load-out (no challenging load-in, load-out requirements)

We want to achieve the best look for our clients at a price point that fits their wedding. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your lighting budget.


1. Everything looks the same in the dark

Spending money on elements that you or your guests won't be able to discern quality differences in or be able to see at a dark reception is money wasted. For example:


     A) A tall arrangement of baby's breath lit correctly with pin-spot lighting will look 10x better than an unlit, dark arrangement of more expensive flowers.

     B) A cake with amazing detail won't be seen unless you have a cake spotlight.

    C) Your reception will start behind schedule if guests fumble and can't see the place cards because the table is unlit.

    D) White linens will reflect uplighting colors nicely making them look more expensive than spending the equivalent amount on higher end more expensive linens.



2. In the majority of events, lighting purchased through a venue is more expensive than going through an outside vendor. This is especially true for hotels that markup the cost of everything, especially lighting & A/V.


Again, lighting is the most cost effective way to transform and enhance your reception space. Flowers, cakes, menus, food, place card settings, photos, venues and people all look better in the right light. Vision is one of the most important senses to entertain during an event. Lighting is the magical element that helps you define exactly what they see.

Questions on pricing or Interested in hiring us for your special event?
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